Boarding Facilities We Recommend  for Dogs and Cats

Boarding Facilities We Recommend for Dogs and Cats

If you are unsure about where to board your pet (so many options!), our team is happy to offer some recommendations to make your search a little easier! Every pet has a different personality and needs, and some boarding kennels are more suitable than others.

See our list of boarding referrals down below, and be sure to take some time to learn more about them! We also recommend contacting the facility you are interested in to see if you can arrange a quick tour and meet the staff.

What Your Pet Needs Before Boarding

Every pet boarding facility has health requirements for its guests to ensure everyone’s safety. Wherever you choose to board your pet, ask them about their vaccine requirements well ahead of time, and make sure your companion gets the up-to-date treatments they need!


Places to Board Your Pet

Here are some of the area boarding facilities we recommend checking out! Click on each for more information.

If you have any questions or need to make an appointment to update your pet’s vaccinations ahead of their scheduled boarding stay, call us today at (270) 282-2564!